The official opening of the buddy event with lots of activities, team building, awards and many many surprises 

Make sure you invite your buddy and come to the LUISS gardens with them!
If you have no buddy you can still attend for fun or to see if some Italian student is looking for a buddy, too!

Program of the day:
- 6:00pm we meet you and your buddies in the LUISS Romania Campus gardens for some fun activities of team building where you can get to know your buddy, the other international students and the ESNers
- 7:30pm we move to the White Rabbit (at Piazza Annibaliano) for an additional buffet aperitif and drinks. Bring your buddy! 
Price: 10 € buffet + drink

For ESNcard holders special price 8€

13/09/2018 - 18:00
Apéritif: 10€ (8€ with ESNcard)