The Buddy System is a project aimed at facilitating the integration process of the international students with the participation of a number of local students, who volunteer to help the incoming students familiarise with a foreign city, country and culture. This initiative will allow the students who are preparing for a semester or a year of exchange (Erasmus +; Overseas; etc…) to settle in a new community in a warm and welcoming way.

The main purpose is to provide a support system to the international students during their stay in Rome and favor their integration within the university. Nonetheless, it is an opportunity for the local students to get to know the international students and approach different cultures.

The role of the Buddy

Each local student who will participate to the project (a “buddy”) will be assigned one or more international students to assist and interact with.

Before the arrival of the incoming student:

  • provide support, answering questions about bureaucracy and directing them to the competent offices;
  • assist in the research of an accomodation or of a temporary housing solution for the first few days.

During the exchange semester at LUISS:

  • inform the student about the activities promoted by the university for the exchange students (Welcome Day, Fresher's Day), and/or for the students in general;
  • favor integration in Rome, informing him about events in or outside the city;
  • support the student for possible housing-related issues: searching, contacting the landlord, the contract;
  • direct the student to the competent offices at LUISS, depending on the students' needs and demands;