So, you are about to start your Erasmus and you just can’t wait for it. Your friends have told you amazing stories about it, but hey, why did nobody tell you how hard it is to find a good house in Rome? Or a nice gym where to keep training? And a way to have some discount and save money for... well obviously for tourism around Italy?!

ESN ROMA L.U. is glad to present its ‘Erasmus Vademecum’, some small tips that will hopefully make your Erasmus organisation easier. Of course, this is just a little step, as we will be available throughout the whole length of your period in Rome to help and support you as much as we can.

1. Housing

  • First of all, you can consult our LUISS dedicated webpage here.
    Our University offers a service called CasaLUISS (which you find at the end of the link): basically, they publish offers of available rooms\apartments nearby LUISS campuses. All contacts are on the linked page.
  • Other useful websites links
    - Uniplaces Thanks to our partnership between ESN International and Uniplaces, you can use our code (on the bottom of this page) when on the page  ‘Pay and book’.
    - Kijiji
    - Immobiliare
    - Bakeca
    - Subito
  • In addition, we suggest searching on Facebook for some group such as “Cerco casa a piazza Bologna” and “Affitti Luiss” on which you can find available rooms or share an ad on what you are looking for.

2. SIM Card

There are many companies you may take into considerations when looking for a new Italian sim card, such as:

If you want to compare the special offers and tariffs, please check this link. Once you got your new Italian number, remember that you can top it online or at most of the Bars\ Newsagents\” Tabacchini”. 

3. Learning Italian

Soon you’ll realise that ‘Pizza, pasta and gelato’ won’t be enough to survive while in Rome. If you are already at that point, and our hand gestures haven’t become familiar to you yet, don’t panic! LUISS University organises courses throughout the year based on your assessed level.

But this is not all! We know that there’s no better way to learn a language than practising, even better while having fun. For this reason, ESN Roma L.U. has just what it takes you get you to know other Italian students and practise the language through our two programs:

  • BUDDY PROGRAM: by this, we match Italian and Erasmus students so that you can have someone to refer to before, during and after your period abroad. Someone to ask any information about the city, the university courses or simply a person to share some good time with!
  • TANDEM PROGRAM: this program is specifically focused on language learning through a peer-to-peer method. For both of the programs, a bunch of events will be organised every week inside LUISS Language Cafè, a truly international place inside LUISS campus (in Viale Romania) where you’ll be able to meet each other, play some games and most of all SPEAK and get to know each other better! But we will also have activities outside for you to socialise and integrate with Italian students.


4. I wanna go to the gym!

Our delicious Italian food can be very tempting, so who better than us knows the importance of keeping fit and trained?

SPOILER ALERT : Gyms in Rome can be expensive. Nevertheless, there’s no need to worry: LUISS University offers discounts to LUISS students in many gyms located nearby the campuses. You can look them up at the following link.

If you enjoy running, there are many parks in Rome which are just the ticket for you! Villa Torlonia, Villa Ada and Villa Borghese are only some of the biggest parks in Rome you will stumble upon – as they are really close to our university campus. And it’s not over. ESN is also committed to SPORTS, so we’ll be glad to organise some informal football tournaments (but we are open to other suggestions if you may like other sports).

On the national level, ESN ITALIA organises ‘NEG’, National Erasmus Games for different sports categories. Each winning team will go to the ‘IEG’ International Erasmus Games as ‘ESN ITALIA’ representatives.

5.   Public transport

Yes, public transport is a tricky question in Rome. But with a bit of patience you’ll learn to adapt to it and love it anyways! Rome’s transport administration is called ATAC, whose tariffs are available to be consulted online on the following link.

  • Metro: Rome has three Metro lines. The closest to LUISS is Sant’agnese Annibaliano (MB1), near piazza Istria and the two campuses of Viale Pola and Via Parenzo (Law Campus). The third line (linea C) intertwine with the Metro A in San Giovanni, whilst the only switching point between line A and line B is in Termini Station.
  • BUS: There are day and night buses, even though the latter are not so frequent as during the day. Many apps can be used so to know your track or the bus times, or even if there’s a strike going on (not a remote possibility, as you will find out) such as: Muoversi a Roma and Moovit.


6. Short on money, any discount?

The ESN card gives you access to a great number of discounts, all of which you can find here. These are the ones in Rome, but as we are a national and international network, you can use them all wherever you go during your trips ;)

  • For example, if you want to taste some good food you can go to Kilo Restaurant and get a menu at a special prize only for Erasmus.
  • But there are also discounts on booking hostels through Hotels Combined and Hostelling International! Saving the best for last a 15% discount on Ryanair flights and a free check-in baggage.

And Many More !!

7.  Fashion

Gucci, Valentino, Bulgari… As you may know Italians are very keen about fashion, that is also the reason why some clubs ask a certain dress code, otherwise they won’t let you party with your friends! Then we strongly suggest you bring some smart casual clothes with you (a pair of trousers, a shirt, a dressier pair of shoes).

8. Practicalities

  • I want to read some news in Italian, what newspapers/ magazine can you recommend?

    If you are looking for mainstream news on Italian current affairs, one of the main daily papers such as “la” or Il sole 24 ore” should be your port of call. Popular Italian magazines, which cover current affairs, are “La Stampa” and “Corriere della sera”. If your level of Italian is not quite up to reading or listening to news in Italian, check out “The Local” which provides Italian news in English.
  • Is there a tipping rule in Italy? 

    Tipping is not mandatory since the service charge is included in the price of any restaurant. If you feel like tipping though, go ahead; it will be surely appreciated!
  • Do I need to carry any form of ID around with me? 
    Technically, you should always carry an ID with you in case the police stop you, but an ID’s main use is providing your age at bars and clubs (almost all for 18+)!
  • What is the dial code in Italy? +39
  • Ambulance? 118
  • Police number? 113
  • Military police? 112


Get ready for the best time of your life!
We look forward to having you all here in Rome
starting from ‘The Welcome week’!