The Tandem Project is a personal and flexible method to learn a language and favor cultural exchange between two students.

The project matches two people that are interested in learning each other's language from a native speaker. You will get their contact so that you can manage to meet, get to know each other and have some chat! In this way you not only have the opportunity to speak with a native speaker, but also to get even closer to another culture and make a new friend.

The principles of Tandem are:

  • Reciprocity: language exchange is based on mutual reliance and mutual support between the participants. You need to support each other while trying to express oneselves and correct each other's mistakes. The Tandem partners should equally contribute to the exchange: if one of them dominates the discussions or is not reliable when it comes to meetings, the Tandem will not be successfull.
  • Self-organized learning: Once matched with another participants, you are going to have to plan meetings on your own. You can decide topics to prepare and discuss to initiate the conversation or just talk about grammar rules and vocabulary, as well as tv-shows, movies or the traditions in your partner's country.
  • Intercultural communication: Each participant is supposed to help the other giving information on their home country, not just geography or weather... you can also discuss politics, education and much more. The Tandem helps building and developing skills that will be useful not just for the exchange period, but also in a professional future.