ESN Roma L.U. was founded in 2009 and joined ESN Italy in 2010.

It was born out of the enthusiasm of former exchange students who wanted to continue their erasmus experience ‘inhouse’; today it counts 25 volunteers who are LUISS students and dedicate their time to the international community of their university. We believe in the enriching factor of diversity and put all of our efforts into making your erasmus the best experience of your life!


We are structured in a number of committees in order to effectively plan, carry out and communicate our activities and events:

  • The Culture Committee organises city tours, language and cultural exchange events in order to promote cultural enrichment and integration;
  • The Events Committee is in charge of planning and coordinating the incredible parties and social events that will be everlasting memories of your Erasmus;
  • The Trips Committee will offer you incredible week-end and day-trips to discover the beauties of Italy outside the Roman walls;
  • The Sports Committee will keep you active so that you can enjoy all the pasta you want with no regrets;
  • The Communication Committee will ensure you will always keep up with all our events and activities.


Board 2018-2019