Italy is well known all around the globe for its beauties and... for its food obviously!
Each year, Erasmus student get amazed by the Italian food so what if they learnt how to cook Italian food?
Inspired by this idea, we decided to set up a partnership with the Cooking School “Due Cuochi per Amici” (close to the Metro Libia). 
Each year we organize cooking class for main dishes (such as Amatriciana, Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe), desserts and obviously pizza!
During the classes, Erasmus students learn and practice on how to cook the dishes and then, at the end of the class, they eat what they have cooked. Each class is hosted, directed and supervised by two professional roman chefs.
In the last years, this format has been loved by our Erasmus students and each semester the tickets sold out very fast! 
Studying in the “eternal city” is an amazing experience and attending an Italian cooking class will make your Erasmus experience the best one of your life!