ESN Roma Luiss is glad to invite you to our Writing Contest: Ethic and Sustainability in the post COVID-19 scenario! May 2020 has been dedicated to the environment, the ethic, the sustainability, talking about green life style, deforestation, ecological footprint and mobility!

We would like to raise awareness on the climate change and how people changed their habits since the emrgency COVID-19 has explosed around the world. The contest is open to the local and international students, and it is possible to submit your work both in italian and in english in order to let you choose which language are you more comfrotable with.

The prizes for the best 5 work is a special T-shirt brand branded Ecosia, an eco-friendly search engine which plants trees! For each T-shirt bought there will be planted 20 trees for a total of 100 trees that ESN Roma Luiss wish to add to fight global warming and to support local communities of third world countries.

Registration is mandatory at the following link, you have time until the 31st May 23:59 CET!

All information are available in italian and english in the document attached.

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ESN Roma Luiss

15/05/2020 to 31/05/2020
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  • Everyone is invited.