ESN Roma LUISS is glad to present a cultural itinerary to discover the world in an extremely interactive way and directly from our Erasmus students' experiences! 

What is the WorldTour Hour

Are you interested in letting other students know more about your own country? Have you ever wanted to learn more about another country, another culture? If so, we have the perfect place for you. 

ESN is organizing activities every week at the LUISS Language Café! Each week will be focused on one country – Spain day, Germany day, France day, etc. The purpose of these activities is to give you the opportunity to meet students from different parts of the world and learn more about their culture, country, university and vice versa. 

The activities can be designed as you prefer. It can be a PowerPoint presentation, a video, some kind of game, even a song… anything!! You are free to decide how you want to present. There is also a second part to the activity, which is part of a “cliché”/ myth that you want to debunk about your city/culture. This part will either be done at the beginning of the presentation or at the end. It's up to you! The WorldTour Hours will always take place at the Language Café as they are a part of the “repertoire” of activities of the location!